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With the sentence "It is the dialectic of ideas that constitutes the movement of history." Hegel actually emphasized the moving role of the thesis, antithesis and synthesis processes in ideas in history. The idea is a point of departure for you to take your place in history, and the correct elaboration of this point of departure brings with it a value and transforms your ideas into an element of the movement of history. In line with this conceptual analysis, we, as Oksijen Consulting, care about your ideas and offer consultancy services in which we meticulously work on the details that will turn your initiative into a value.

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Oksijen Consulting

Our Field of Services

We continue to make it our goal to assist you in every subject with our expert staff and wide service area.

How do we
work to assist you?

Each company has its own internal dynamics and the application of these dynamics in a company-specific way with the right strategies brings successful results. While providing project and incentive consulting services to you, we will proceed through certain strategies in this direction.

Free Analysis

As Oksijen Consulting, from the first moment you contact us, we determine the most suitable project or incentive program for you in line with the information you share about your planned activities and provide you with a report free of charge.


In line with our free analysis report, we make the work, time and staff planning for the projects and incentive programs you decide to apply for, together with you by presenting all our experience. We prepare your roadmap with our experience and the information you provide.

Preparation of Project and Incentive Files

We prepare and submit your application files for the projects and incentive programs we have identified related to our planned activities in accordance with the legislation, relevant rules and our experience, without sacrificing the quality, in the quickest and most original way.

Process Monitoring

At this stage, we meticulously follow every step of the bureaucratic and bureaucratic legal processes of your project and incentive files, which you have approved and officially applied for, and share information with you at every stage to ensure the positive outcome of your applications.

Grant or Incentive Approval

After the application and process monitoring, we carry out the processes of transferring the grants, subsidies and incentives related to your approved project and incentive files to your business accounts or the use of incentives in cooperation with you and follow up your progress payments.

Reporting and Closure

We prepare periodic realization and closure reports of the implemented projects and incentive programs, share them with both the relevant institutions and you on time, and close the process on time by following all the rules. We ensure that you benefit from funds and incentives.

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